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Saudi Embassy Attestation Services:

To use your documents appropriately in Saudi Arabia, you must get them attested in order to confirm that they are valid. This verification procedure is for anyone who want to go to Saudi Arabia for business, education, or work.

We take care of the administrative tasks involved in Saudi document attestation. We are a highly skilled group of people that can provide excellent, powerful, economical, and dependable services.

Why Do you Need Saudi Embassy Attestation?

⦿ Attestation is a part of affirmation that proves you are truthful.
⦿ It gives certainty to the country you are willing to go to that you are traveling with faithful intentions.
⦿ It confirms that the documents you will use in Saudi Arabia are legal and genuine.
⦿ Attestation helps a company to trust you when you go to Saudi Arabia for a job.
⦿ Attestation of your documents gives the college or university an assurance that you have gained knowledge in a particular area. You are eligible to pursue the course.


Types Of Documents For Saudi Embassy Attestation

People visit Saudi Arabia for different purposes, and for that, they require a particular kind of document. There are three categories of documents people google for Saudi Embassy attestation.

⦿ Educational Documents

Educational certificates are your mark sheets, B.Tech degree, B.Com degree, Chartered Accountant degree, MBBS, BE certificate, MS certificate, MD certificate, HSC certificate, SSC certificate, Degree certificate, Nursing certificate, Diploma certificate, etc...

Process For Saudi Embassy Attestation For Educational Documents:

⦿ The college or university that issued the certificate verifies it as authentic for Saudi attestation.
⦿ The state Human Resource Department (HRD) confirms the authenticity of all educational documents.
⦿ After the HRD, the MEA or Ministry of External Affairs checks the document's authenticity.
⦿ The Saudi Embassy verifies the document and proves it is bonafide with attestation.

⦿ Non Educational/Personal Documents

Birth certificate, marriage certificate, leaving certificate, offer letter, bonafide certificate, registration certificate, and medical certificate is Non-Educational/Personal documents.

Process For Non-Educational Certificate Attestation From Saudi Embassy:

⦿ The document is first verified by the department that issued it.
⦿ The State Home Department carefully checks the authenticity of non-educational documents.
⦿ After the home department, the MEA examines the document.
⦿ The Saudi Embassy proves the document is authentic with attestation.

⦿ Commercial Documents

Export invoice, power of attorney, certificate of origin, packaging list, chemical analysis report, and certificate of incorporation are commercial documents.

Process Of Saudi Embassy Commerical Document Attestation:

⦿ The organization that issued the document will verify and prove it is legal.
⦿ The Chamber of Commerce certifies that a certificate is genuine for embassy attestation.
⦿ After the state, the MEA verifies the document.
⦿ The Saudi Embassy approves the document is legal with attestation.

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